Through Baptism the Parish Community and the Universal Church welcomes new members of all ages into the Christian community.

BABIES: Parents seeking to have their children baptised, should contact Fr. Pat. Approximately once every three months there is a meeting for all parents at which both the Church’s understanding of what baptism involves and the practicalities are explained. At this meeting a date for the baptism can be fixed at a time mutually convenient for the family and the parish. Baptisms normally take place on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. There is no set fee, but a donation to the C

At least one of the child’s parents or guardians should be a Practising Catholic and it is understood that the child will be brought up in the Catholic faith. There should be at least one Godparent who is a practising Catholic church is normally made.

NOTE: The next baptism meeting for parents is at 7.00pm on Wednesday 20th September in the Priests’ House. Ideally if you can find a baby-sitter and leave the baby at home that is best as it means adults can concentrate on what it being said. If you can’t then don’t worry. Come along anyway.

OLDER CHILDREN: If a child is not already baptised and is aged 5 or more, it will be necessary for the child to have some classes so it can be explained to them at their level what the Sacrament is about.

ADULTS: Adults seeking baptism are invited to join the RCIA programme which is  a series of meetings every Monday night at 8.00pm for one hour.  They run from the end of the September to Easter and the different aspects of our Faith and Catholic Life are explored.  There is no obligation on anyone.  And every help is given to discern what the Lord is asking of the individual concerned.