Newsletter 24th September 2017

Sep 22nd, 2017 | By | Category: Newsletter

In the first part of the mass we are preparing ourselves to come into the presence of God. We have admitted our sins and now we ask for his mercy. But what is mercy? There is a game called ‘Mercy’ in which two kids interlock hands and squeeze until the weaker one can’t stand the pain and he begs his opponent to stop by crying out, “Mercy!” Biblical mercy is not like that; it is more like a father recounting watching his two young children playing. The little brother was playing with his favourite toy when, suddenly, the older one snatched the toy out of his hands, and walked away in …

Newsletter 17th September 2017

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In our Biblical Walk through the Mass we have looked at the Sign of the Cross, and the words ‘The Lord be with you.’ Today we will look at the ‘I confess’. In the past when God unexpectedly made his presence felt, people responded with a holy fear and awe, throwing themselves on the ground or covering their faces, as they realised their…